With the advent of cold weather, a boiler is the first thing that might come to your mind. It is now time to check the boiler. Before winter arrives, make sure that you check the boiler for any damage, leaks or temperature fluctuations. Boilers generally use either natural gas or electricity to make the water warm. If your boiler is old, consider replacing the same at the earliest. An old boiler might create trouble in the long run.

 If your boiler is damaged and can be repaired,hire professionals for Barry’s boiler repairs . On the other hand, if your boiler is old, get it replaced with a new one rather than repairing the same. Moreover, new models will help to reduce the energy bills as well. However, be alert when you purchase a boiler. Keep these points in mind and purchase the best quality boiler for your Home.

Things to consider while purchasing a home boiler

  • Buy the Correct Size for the Boiler

Boiler capacity is generally measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units. This measurement unit is the amount of energy required for increasing the temperature of one pound of water by one degree of Fahrenheit. Based on the location, the BTU of your building will differ. Hence, you need to calculate the square foot of your house to calculate the size of the boiler as well. Since a boiler is responsible for generating heat for the whole house, buying the right size is necessary. If you buy a smaller boiler, then the heat will not be transmitted throughout the property.

  • Check the Efficiency Rate of the Boiler

Whenever you’re choosing a new boiler, make sure that you check the efficiency of the same. Check the annual fuel utilisation capacity. Moreover, buy a boiler that can effectively convert the fuel into heating energy. If the boiler is 85% efficient in converting fuel into heating energy, you can buy the same without having any second thoughts.

Check the Vent of the Boiler

Whenever you’re buying a boiler, make sure that the same is a chimney vented boiler. These boilers exhaust naturally; on the other hand, the direct vent boilers use a fan to exhaust the smoke out through the roofs and the side walls. The room should be open if you’re using a power vented boiler. Hence buy a chimney based boiler and use it effectively at any place.

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